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The Honest Planner

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The cheeky, witty and slightly sweary guide to planning a wedding. Written by experienced wedding planner, Susanna Richardson, this book cuts through the fluff and is about guidance, like your best friend giving you tips over a bottle of wine (or whiskey!)

Susanna takes you on a journey of hard hitting advice mixed with funny stories of her own (mis-) adventures along the way. 

Covering such topics as budgets, dealing with suppliers and how to wee in a wedding dress The Honest Planner details all the things that no-one ever tells you about this crazy journey. There are plenty of books for the mundane and the pretty, this tells you everything your best friend would if she’d worked on more weddings than you can imagine. 

Chapters which are short, snappy and to the point make this an easy read. After all, you don’t need another job as well as scrolling Instagram for dresses.

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